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Crystal World is one of the world’s largest wholesale and retail suppliers of Crystals, Fossils, Meteorites, Gems, Jewellery, Minerals and Himalayan Salt Lamps for clients ranging from small collectors to Museums and merchants. Our high quality stock is handpicked from around the world and we operate more than 40 active mining leases in remote locations across Australia. With huge showrooms of stock, over 300 hundred tons of rough geological and lapidary specimens to explore on 5 acres and a growing online shopping portal, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Specimens selected and prepared by Crystal World can be found in Collections, Shops and Museums worldwide!

Crystal World is the major importer and exporter of gems, crystals, minerals, fossils, meteorites, carvings and unique specimens in Australia. Our two showrooms and 5 acre depot are always fully stocked with rough lapidary gems,and fossils, with new items arriving weekly.

We stock a massive inventory and, as such, only a small part of our range is available on display at any time. Wholesale & retail customers are invited to visit our warehouse at 13 Olive Rd, Devon Meadows in Victoria, Australia. Our phone number is +61 3 5998 2493. Click here for a map.

Our Lapidary facility  is dedicated to cutting, polishing and processing Australian rough stone, crystals and fossils for export and the local market. We have hundreds of tons of Lapidary gems for your selection. Our master Lapidarist Steve Hompot is always busy, click here to see what he is cutting.

Fossils are a special area of interest for us at Crystal World. We have the largest collection of fossils for sale in the Southern Hemisphere. Our team of dedicated preparators are working full time to bring you rare and unique fossils suitable for your display case or Museum. We currently have 450 items in our online shop, which will soon number in the thousands.


This Jimbacrinus Bostocki Crinoid plate was from the Cundlego formation Gascoyne Junction Western Australia, was prepared by our team. The amount of time we invest in preparing these fossils means that only a limited quantity is available at any given time.

Crystal World is very active in collecting Australian fossils, but our involvement does not end there;
Tom Kapitany travels internationally, many times each year to consult with Universities and Museums who focus on fossils and their role in Deep Time Geology, another primary interest of the Crystal World Team

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